Year 2 app list


​​​​​This app list is for students who will be in Year 2 during 2022.​

​​​Please install the following apps below by either scanning the QR code with the camera app on the iPad using the QR codes in the right column or if you visit this page directly on your iPad you can click on the App Linked Icon on the left hand side of the page to visit the app download page directly. It may be helpful to print this page and tick off each app after confirming it is installed (the print icon is just slightly to the right and above this paragraph).​

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Animal Typing - Lite


This app is a typing app that will support students to develop their touch-typing skills. This app will support the students to achieve in all areas of their learning.

Book Creator for iPad

Book Creator enables students to make their own beautiful ebooks, right on their iPad.  Students will use this app to record their work and share it with others.  Students can add photos, videos, or drawings to enhance or tell their stories.


ClassDojo allows students, families and the school to have open collaboration to ensure positive outcomes for students.  This app is used for whole school, year level specific and class updates and notifications.


This simple app allows students to roll multiple digital dice which are utilised to support their maths learning. for iPad

In alignment with our school’s future thinking it is vital that our students are familiar and capable of using a digital dictionary.

Doodle Buddy Draw for iPad

The Doodle Buddy app allows students to use a digital whiteboard.  This app supports our school's approach to formative assessment.

Flashnote Derby

Flashnote Derby is a fun way for students to learn and practice reading music notes.

Free Chromatic Tuner: Pano Tuner

(required only by students participating in Instrumental Music)

Pano Tuner listens to the sound students make and shows the pitch. Students can tune their instrument accurately by looking at the offset from the pitch that they want to tune to.

Google Chrome

This web browser app is used by students to research in all Learning Areas.  It is the browser of choice as it is not restricted by the schools preferred ScreenTime settings.

Hiragana Pixel Party

This app supports students to practice their Hiragana in their Japanese lessons and at home.


This is a collaborative app that allow students to plan and map their thinking in all Learning Areas.  It is utilised when students are working in groups or individually.


This versatile app is used across Learning Areas to allow students to present their learning as an edited video.


This app supports students to practice their Hiragana in their Japanese lessons and at home.


This app supports students to practice their Katakana in their Japanese lessons and at home.

Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot! is a tool used by teachers to administer quizzes, discussions or surveys. It is a game-based classroom response system played by the whole class in real time. Multiple-choice questions are projected on the screen. Students answer the questions with their iPad.


Keynote is used across a range of Learning Areas and allows students to create powerful presentations that are often crucial aspects of assessment items.  Students can demonstrate not only their creativity but also their ability to develop an effective presentation.

Merge Explorer

This app allows students to explore and manipulate 3D objects through their iPad.  Students can explore a galaxy in the palm of their hand, hold fossils and investigate the Earth’s core.  These are just a sample of amazing objects students can explore with this app.

Merge Object Viewer

This app allows students to view objects in 3D through their iPad.  Students can explore famous artworks from all over the world in the palm of their hand. They can hold artefacts from museums around the globe.  These are just a sample of amazing objects students can explore with this app.​
Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office provides Excel, PowerPoint and Word. This provides students with tools to create spreadsheets, calculations, graphs, tables, presentations and documents. These are useful in multiple learning areas and assessment formats.

​Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive allows students to store school related content online.​

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that is typically utilised in the event of remote learning.   Teams allows for videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration.​

Number Frames, by MLC

Number Frames help students structure numbers to five, ten, twenty, and one hundred. Students use the frames to count, represent, compare, and compute with numbers in a particular range.

Number Line, by MLC

The Number Line app helps students visualize number sequences and illustrate strategies for counting, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Students can choose number lines labelled with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, or negative numbers.

Number Pieces, by MLC

Number Pieces helps students develop a deeper understanding of place value while building their computation skills with multi-digit numbers. Students use the number pieces to represent multi-digit numbers, regroup, add, subtract, multiply, and divide.


Numbers is a spreadsheet app that is utilised in a range of Learning Areas.  Students can tap to add tables, charts, text and images anywhere on the free-form canvas. They can animate their data with interactive column, bar, scatter and bubble charts.


Pages is a word processing software that students use to draft a range of their assessments.

Prodigy: Kids Math Game
Prodigy an interactive app that engages students into their Maths learning.   They compete in battles against monsters or other players, they answer skill-building math questions to succeed.

Schoolkit Math

Schoolkit Math is a toolkit that gives students QUICK and EASY access to manipulatives that students commonly use in the classroom.
Seesaw Class
Seesaw creates a powerful learning loop between students, teachers, and families.   It allows students to submit their work and complete targeted activities.  Parents can also view the wonderful work their student is doing through their Seesaw app.

Sora, by Overdrive Education

Sora provides the students to a massive digital library.  They have access to thousands of age-appropriate books to support their daily reading.


StaffWars is a game designed to help our students learn and practice the note names of the treble, alto and bass clefs.

Targeting Maths 2

This app targets maths concepts being covered across year 2.  It allows students to respond to questions and complete speed challenges.

Teaching Graphs

Teaching graphs includes two types of activities, 'Read' and 'Make' including picture graphs, Venn & Carroll diagrams, bar, pie and line charts.  Students are asked to read and interpret data from different graphs, coming to recognise the features and purposes of each graph type. 

The Calculator

This app is used mainly to support the students learning of Maths.

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