Interschool sport

In Terms 2 and 4, students in Years 4 - 6 participate in the District Interschool Sport. These are generally half day competitions running over four weeks. The range and number of sports and teams is dependent on the coaching skills of teachers within the school. In term 2 students are offered Rugby League, AFL, Soccer, Netball, Volleyball, Hockey, Basketball and Golf. In term 4 students in Year 4 participate in a multiple sport option where they undertake eight different sports across the four weeks. In term 4 the Year 5-6 students are offered Touch Football, Futsal, Beach Volleyball, Baseball and cricket, as well as Cheerleading and Gymnastics as option. Students are generally offered their first preference but on occasion this can not be accommodated due to student numbers and teacher availability.

For student who are not interested in Interschool Sport there is a school based options program available. The program offers activities to develop physical skills or leisure time interests. Teachers who are not taking Interschool Sport teams are allocated to these activities.

The Excellence and Enrichment Program are aligned with the Interschool Sport program to enhance our student's skills in these particular sports.  

Swimming Lessons

Students in Years 1-3 are able to participate in Learn to Swim classes in Term 4 at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre. Professional coaches are provided to run the program. Swim shirts and swimming caps must be worn by all students during all class swimming lessons. Full details and regulations are outlined in letters to parents prior to the swimming session's commencement. Teachers accompany students on buses and supervise from the side. Students not attending are supervised through collaborative arrangements between the class teacher and teachers remaining at school.

School Carnivals

The Cross Country Carnival is held at the end of Term 1 for all students in Prep-6. Each year level completes a course distance suitable to their age group. The event is held on school grounds. Students in Years 3-6 compete in age championship events where medals are awarded to the first three place getters. Prep-2 complete a participation run only.   

The Athletics Carnivals are generally held at the end of Term 2. Students in Years 4-6 participate in all events. Their results are recorded and age championship medals are awarded to the top three boys and girls of each age group. Students in Prep-3 participate in running races and tabloid events. These are non-competitive events. All students are given a participation ribbon for running races.  

The Swimming Carnival is held at the end of Term 3 for students in Years 3-6. It is held at The Lawton Swimming Club. Age championship events are for students aged 9 years or older only. The 8 year old students only swim in 25m events. Students aged 9 years and older are offered a choice of competitive (50m) and non-competitive (25m) events depending on their ability. A land based activity program is also offered for non-swimmers.     

Last reviewed 15 November 2019
Last updated 15 November 2019