School hours


8:20 am

In the interests of safety, we do not encourage students to be at school prior to 8:30.   
There is one designated assembly area and all students in Years 1 to 6 must go to the old gathering area (Year 2 eating area) upon arrival at school.
​8:30 am
Students are expected to sit quietly in the old gathering area until the bell rings.  A member of the administration will be on duty here from 8.20am to 8.30am.  
  • When the bell rings, OHSC Club students will arrive and students will all line up and move to the oval this way-
    • The rostered oval duty teacher aide will collect Year 1 and 2 students and walk them to the oval.  Year 2 leave their bags in the old gathering area and Year 1 will take their bags to their line up area on the way.  
    • Years 3 and 4 will be lined up and are to move to the stairs leading to the oval near the staffroom. On the way they deliver their bags to their line up areas.
    • Years 5 & 6 move to the pathway leading down to the oval and deliver their school bags to their eating area on the way.  Students are to wait here for the teacher/s on duty before going onto the oval.   
  • All students are to take their hats with them.
  • Going to the oval is not a choice; it is the expectation for all students.  Years 1-3 play on the prep side of the oval and Years 3-6 play on the Sports Shed side of the oval.  
  • Students not wishing to play are able to sit on the stairs or under the small shelters near the oval.
  • Students without hats are to sit in the undercover shelter at the edge of the oval or in the shade of the sports complex.
  • At 8:50 a.m. a bell will ring and the teacher/s on duty send the students to walk up to their class lining up areas.
  • Teacher Aides on gathering duties of a morning are to stay in their areas to remind students to go to the oval supervision area, assist in lining students up and to monitor school bags. 
​8:55 am
​Students assemble waiting for collection by class teacher and are taken to the classroom in their line up areas.
​Note: Prep students remain with their parent or carer wait in the areas adjacent to Prep classrooms until the classroom is opened at 8:50.  OSCH deliver the preps to their classroom.  
​9:00 am
​Learning activities commence for Session 1. Children should be in class ready to begin the day.
​11:00 am
​First break commences with 15 minutes eating time. This is the main lunch break.
​11:15 am
​Students are dismissed from eating areas at the discretion of duty supervisors.  
Playtime commences.

​11:35 am
​First break finishes.  All children return to their designated collection areas.
​11:40 am
​Session 2
​1:30 pm
​Second break commences with 10 minutes eating time.
​1:40 pm
​Students are dismissed from eating areas at the discretion of duty supervisors. Playtime commences. 
​1:55 pm
​Second break finishes. All children return to their designated collection areas.
​2:00 pm
​Teachers collect their students and the third session commences.
​3:00 pm
​School day ends.  Students depart from the school.  Students travelling by school bus assemble in the Junior Courtyard.
​All parents who choose to stay with their children before school are asked to comply with our routines and to ensure their children adhere to the same expectations and rules for all other children.

For more information about our class times, please contact us.

Last reviewed 20 July 2020
Last updated 20 July 2020