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Belief statement:

At Eatons Hill State School the iPad is a portable tool that enhances a student's learning engagement and motivation to learn when delivering the Australian Curriculum.  The Australian Curriculum emphasises the significant differences inherent in learning in the 21st century. It is built around the development of a set of general capabilities: literacy, numeracy, Information Communication Technology (ICT) capability, creative and critical thinking, ethical understanding, personal and social capability, and intercultural understanding. 
The most critical factor in any classroom remains the teacher, the iPad is a teaching tool.  Our emphasis is on pedagogy: best practice teaching for the best outcomes for students. The iPad enables rich, personalised, high-order, collaborative and creative learning experiences. Its use enables optimal learning outcomes when used as an individual device and not shared.  The iPad is used as an inclusive learning tool that enables use by all students including those with disabilities and learning difficulties. 
The iPad enables a variety of learning activities such as drill and repetition, reference, productivity and creativity. Eatons Hill State School's core belief is that it must be used intentionally with carefully selected apps, thus creating a means to an end. The iPad is not intended to be used for the majority of any school day, nor for the majority of teaching within a specific learning area. 
The school believes that it is essential that all staff are given appropriate, ongoing professional development in how best to utilise the iPad in the context of a classroom, as well as given the opportunity to learn from each other.  

The management of an iPad at home (i.e. updates, downloads, charging, accounts, etc.) reduces the time taken away from teaching and learning at school.

Program implementation:

The BYO iPad Program runs form Years 2 – 6 with full BYOD classes across each year level.  EHSS has an equity program which allows students access to school owned iPads  during curriculum hours (9am – 3pm) if they are unable to provide their own device.  On average >96% of families purchase their own device.  The school owned machines will not be permitted to be taken home by students.

6Cs of ICT learning:


Policy and documentation:




Student resource requirements:


  • 128Gb Apple iPad with the latest operating system with Wifi capability
  • All Apps as per Year Level list (These are downloaded from the Eatons Hill iTunesU Course.)
  • An iPad cover that will provide robust protection
  • Headphones (over the head style)
  • A stylus
  • A carry bag

Required apps:

All required apps are found on the Eatons Hill State School iTunesU Course.  The selection of apps is based on careful consideration by the year level teaching teams in consultation with their relevant deputy and the EHSS ICT committee.  All apps have successfully completed a risk assessment process to ensure their validity as a safe learning tool.  If you have any questions about the apps please speak with the classroom teacher.  If you are having problems with downloading the apps from the iTunesU course please contact the EHSS Tech Team for support.    
EHSS Tech Team: 

Important guides:

Setting up Family Sharing -
What to do if the iPad is lost or stolen -
Backing up the iPad -
Updating the iPad -
Connect the iPad to wifi - 


If you need any support with the BYO iPad program please contact any of the following – 
Classroom Teacher
Relevant Deputy Principal
EHSS Tech Team -
Apple Support - 

Frequently asked questions:

Will my child use their iPad all the time?
No. iPads are tools for learning that will be used along with all the other tools available at school and home (e.g. pen, paper, calculators, books, computers etc).

Will children use their iPads before school or during breaks?
When students arrive at school, they must leave their iPad in their bag. iPads will be left in the classroom during breaks. (Students may be involved in special, teacher-supervised activities during breaks that require iPads. In this case, the teacher-in-charge will manage the children while they collect, use and return their iPads.)

How will the iPads be stored at school?
Students will store their iPad in the classroom in secure storage.

Will my child still learn handwriting?
Yes. iPads will not replace handwriting. The mode of communication used will depend on the learning opportunity.

Will internet access be filtered?
Yes. The Education Queensland network will be used. All internet access via our network (WiFi and wired) is routed through our filter. It is worth noting that no filter system is perfect given the dynamic nature of the internet. The filtering definitions for our system are updated nightly.
Can iPads with 3G/4G access be used?
Yes, as long as this access is deactivated prior to your child’s arrival at school each day.
Will iPads promote poor posture?
Poor posture and associated strain are generally the product of fixed body position for an extended period of time. Desktop computers and laptops are more likely to cause strain because they control posture. iPads are more mobile and light, which means they can be used with a wider variety of postures. It is easier to shift positions while remaining engaged. We constantly raise awareness of the importance of good posture.
Will iPads cause eye strain?
Looking at any screen (computer, TV or iPad) for a long period of time without resting your eyes may cause eye strain. This is commonly called computer vision syndrome and relates to computer and laptop monitors. One of the reasons for using iPads is they potentially reduce the prospect of computer vision syndrome in the following ways: due to its mobile nature, the chance of staring at a fixed focal length for an extended period of time is reduced, the brightness of the screen can easily be adjusted to match the lighting conditions; it is easy to tilt the iPad or change body position to reduce glare; iPads with retina displays help to address this issue;  We constantly raise awareness of the importance of reducing eye strain using a simple guide: after 20 minutes, take a break for 20 seconds and look at something across the room.
What do you advise about volume levels for headphones?
As a general rule, the volume levels of headphones should be low enough to hear a person speaking at normal levels when standing one metre away. The volume for music can be limited on the iPad via Settings > Music > Volume Limit.

Where should I purchase my child's iPad?
Families should make their own decisions about where and how to purchase iPads. Leasing may also be an option.

Should I purchase an AppleCare Protection Plan?
An AppleCare Protection Plan provides an extra year of warranty and 24-7 telephone support for a full two years. Some families may find these facilities useful.

Should I insure my child's iPad?
We strongly recommend you consider insuring all non-consumable property that is brought to school.  We recommend you consider insuring all non-consumable property that is brought to school.

Last reviewed 07 December 2020
Last updated 07 December 2020